Charter Options Overview

Options to group charter or sail as an individual with the Pelagic fleet come in three broad categories Southern Hemisphere, Northern Hemisphere and delivery voyages between the two areas. Use the links right to view details of the main itineraries and destinations for charter expeditions or see below for an overview of what is on offer in outline in these broad categories.

S Hemisphere destinations.
Season October to May

N Hemisphere destinations.
Season May to September



Outlines of the six main itineraries and destinations for charter expeditions, when Pelagic is operating from Southern South America, will be found below. For full details of an option click on the relevant destination on the map or use the menu buttons on the left.

Antarctic Peninsula
An expedition voyage of minimum 21 days on Vinson of Antarctica or 28 days on Pelagic. Suitable for skiers and climbers, divers or those that just want to take it all in. Humpback whales are guaranteed!  More >>

South Georgia
A true sailing expedition requiring a minimum of 28 days on Vinson of Antarctica or 35 days on Pelagic. Starting and ending from Stanley in the Falkland Islands, this is an exploratory mountaineers paradise, and THE place for sub-Antarctic wildlife. More >>

The Falkland Islands
A two to three week cruise on either vessel. In addition to spectacular sailing (average wind speed 17knots) this trip offers epic wildlife observation, diving opportunities and sea trout fishing. More>>

Cruise the Beagle Channel and Visit Cape Horn
This two week to three week cruise beginning and ending in Puerto Williams Chile visits the areas made famous by Darwin and Fitzroy, whilst on the voyages of HMS Beagle. A transit of Cape Horn is an option as well as trekking and climbing opportunities in the Cordillera Darwin. More>>


Vinson of Antarctica transits between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres twice a year going Northwards in April/May and returning October/November. Places are available on these trips for those who wish to claim an equator crossing at sea, build significant ocean miles and/or brush up their sailing skills and celestial navigation with a qualified RYA instructor with a view to taking their RYA exams. More>>



West Coast of Scotland - Norway West Coast and North Norway - Greenland - Spitsbergen/Svalbard - North West Passage are all available on a special project basis.  More>>