Una's Tits (745 meters) - Le Maire Channel, Antarctic Peninsula - February 2000

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Julian Freeman Attwood and Crag Jones on the day of the drop off when hopes ran high. We attempted the big couloir on the left side of the face. Click on image for full screen version.

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Left: For a climber, the aptly named ‘Una’s Tits’ (Una exists and lives on in Australia) is probably the most cherished feature in the maritime Antarctic. Our attempt at a new line was around the left hand corner on the north face.

Centre: Caradoc ‘Crag’ Jones traipsing up the glacier below the Towers on Cape Renard, Le Maire Channel.

Crag on the difficult rock pitches below the central couloir. After a memorable bivvy at the top of the snow ramp, we retreated the next day 150 meters below the summit when the natural line ran into the headwall - too wet, horribly overhanging with rockfall we were also out of fuel (which might have been a blessing!) The northen nipple (left) has been climbed twice before, but the southern one remains delectably inviolate.

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